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Important information for our prospective partners

Who are we? is run by Minds At Work Ltd. registered in London, UK, providing research and document writing services in multiple countries. The company was founded in 2012, however the founders have years of experience in the ghostwriting sector.

What is ghostwriting? What do you do?

Ghostwriting means that the copyrights of a book, report, article or any other document written by an author are officially held by another person, thus being able to use the specified document freely. The term itself derives from the media, where journals often published their articles with unknown authors. Still today, one of the world’s most prestigious economic journals, The Economist, for example, publishes some of its articles without showing the author’s name.

CEO-s, political leaders, athletes and other public figures often have ghostwriters to create their memoirs or other books, reports, speeches. Also, in music and movie industry, it is mostly ghostwriters who create lyrics and scripts.

Ghostwriters can be involved in the writing process in different ways. Sometimes they only perform a proofreader role with some of the post-production tasks, or they carry out the research related work, but at times they do the entire writing process as well.

This service is what our company provides to our clients, specialized on the area of academic works.

Is it legal?

Yes, it is absolutely legal. Our company meets all legal requirements and our customers are protected by international customer protection laws. In fact, ghostwriting services have been available in Europe for decades, offered by professional and reliable companies similar to Minds At Work Ltd.

Is it cheating or plagiarism?

No. Each document created by our company for our clients serves exclusively as an aid to create their own work and thus these documents are to be treated just like any other academic source: books, journals, articles, already existing dissertations or studies. It also means that our clients can use these documents to write their own academic works with proper referencing. Our clients are informed about the importance of this referencing multiple times during their orders. In case of improper or missing referencing (just like in case of any other sources) the customer commits plagiarism.

How can I apply to become a writer?

Simply fill in the application form. It only takes you about 10 minutes, and helps us assess your skills. In case of successful application, our colleagues will contact you for a phone-interview.

After a successful interview, we send you our electronic Contract Agreement. Once you sign the agreement and we receive your data, we create a profile for you in our database and you can start taking projects.

What skills and education background do I need?

You need to be a university or college graduate to work with us. In some cases we might make an exception and work with writers whose education is still in progress but can demonstrate excellent academic skills.

You need to be able to work independently, keep deadlines, be precise and be familiar with academic research: locating and using sources, referencing, formatting and have a professional writing style.

You will enjoy working with is if you are motivated to stay up-to-date and improve your understanding of your areas.

How much money can I make?

The commission fee for a given document is defined by the following: academic level, type, length, amount of research and language. We usually set a fee per standard page. (Font: Times New Roman, size 12, line spacing 1.5, margins 3,5 / 2,5 / 2,5 / 2,5 , min. 300 words length or 1800 characters including spaces). In case of special topics or languages we will ask you to provide us an individual quote.

How do I get paid?

We transfer your commission fee to your bank account. It is also possible to transfer via PayPal or Transferwise, but in all cases, transfer costs are paid by the recipient.

You can request payment for a finalized project on our internal administration platform. With your request, you automatically receive a Payment Summary serving as a receipt for tax purposes.

How often do I get paid?

Weekly. We always pay you after the projects that were closed that week. In our Contract Agreement you will find 20 days as our payment term, but in 95% of the cases we transfer your commission fee the week after you completed your document.

How do I pay taxes on the income that I receive from you?

We do not deduct any taxes from your commission, if you are not resident in the UK, then the amount received from us classifies as “foreign income”. You are liable for your own domestic tax and national insurance contributions.

What projects are you offering?

The projects you will receive from us are mostly document writing, research and correction. The documents can be reports, essays, drafts, analysis and dissertations.

How do you offer me projects?

Our colleagues will send you an email with the detailed description of a given project, including its commission fee. You can accept a project by replying ‘yes’. In order for our operations to be smooth, we ask you to reply within 4 hours to an offer.

Do I have to accept every project offer you send me?

No. You can choose which projects you want to accept. We only ask you to tell us why you decline a project. This way you let us know what topics or deadlines are not suitable for you, and next time we can send you a more personalized offer.

What quality do you expect?

We expect a minimum of 65% grade quality, or simply: the best quality you can do. Each document you create goes through a quality and plagiarism check. In case we find plagiarism, we withhold the commission fee and terminate your Contract Agreement.

Do I own the copyrights?

No. Copyrights of the documents you create for our company will be owned by Minds At Work Ltd. . This means that you are forbidden to sell, give or show the documents to a third person (including friends or family).

Do you provide my personal data to the clients?

No. Your personal data is confidential, and we do not provide them to any third person. Our clients receive no information about who completes their orders.

Can I contact the clients?

Yes. We developed an internal communication area where you can communicate with our clients, share information, upload file regarding the given order anonymously. You will receive more information on the use of the communication area once your application is accepted.

What happens if the client is not satisfied with the completed document?

As part of our service, we offer a one-time free amendment opportunity to our clients and we expect it from you, too. This amendment only includes corrections that are in line with the original order. Any corrections beyond that are delivered for an extra commission fee.

Are there any deductions from the commission fee?

We do not make any deductions from the commission fee, except one case: if the document you created does not meet the formal requirements provided in the project description, we reserve the right to have our colleague correct it. In this case their fee will be deducted from your commission fee to a maximum of 15%. We don’t intend to make profits on these correction, simply there are situations, when there is no time for exchanging e-mails with you before delivery.

What should I do if I cannot keep the deadline?

We will do our best to solve the problem, but it is only possible if you tell us honestly and in time what the situation is. We ask you not to leave it for the last moment. Contact our colleagues as soon as possible at [email protected]and they will help you. If we can find a replacement writer, then you will be fine, but if not you basically fail to perform according to contract.

What happens if I do not deliver a project?

If you do not deliver a project you accepted you are liable for the project to the full commission fee paid by the customer.

Why are you better than any other company on this market?

We are especially proud to deliver a professional service to our clients and to our partners equally. Our writers are handled like our partners. We know that they are an essential part of our operation and success. We managed to create a working environment for our writers where they can decide when, where and how much they want to work, researching scientific areas they are enthusiastic about.